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    What do I want with my Future? 

    I have been so distant with myself lately. Like i even do not know about myself. I have asked myself since a fortnight ago, “What do I really want with my future? What kind of man am I going to be? Am I going to sit aside and watch others tell their stories and let mine disappear in the richest knowledge bank in the world, my grave?” I do not know about you or the kind of issues you are going through. Everyone has his/her own demons to deal with. But that does not mean I should not live life. That does not mean i should find my purpose for living and neither should you. If you know the story of Noah and the Ark then you will realize that there is no task that is too hard to be accomplished. Just like there is no mountain that cannot be moved if only you believe in God and yourself.

    No, i cannot save the world but,… Yes, i can change the world however small my effort is going to be but i will do it. I have tried for far to many times and i bet i have the experience to do it this time round. So if you have the guts to change this world get out there and do whatever it is that you feel you were meant to do and do it well. Do what you love and love what you do. You have to see your baby through.

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    A bill to end hemp prohibition in Connecticut has become law without the governor’s signature. The measure was passed by the state’s Senate unanimously 36 to 0, and was approved by the state’s House of Representatives with a 142 to 2 vote. The new law – which goes into effect on July 1st – ends hemp prohibition in its entirety, removing hemp from the state’s list of controlled substances. Read more here or you can download this document for proof: Public Act.

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    Sacco’s and Chama’s have a become a very powerful financial institutions and backgrounds in the African economies. As a matter of fact they have opened up most people to general accounting rules and more people have become aware of savings. With that said, a friend of mine from Software Elegance just came up with a real solution to a real problem and I am proud to say, We are truly financially free and digital.Software Elegance Logo

    Introducing SaccoSoft; a simple, yet powerful, Sacco and Chama management system designed to ease the pain of tracking each and every coin while at the same time keeping members up to date. What makes this app cool is the specification. I took time to review it and this is what i got:

    Membership applications and approvals
    Online Self Service
    Nominee Register
    Member photos, statements and bio-data
    Disciplinary and membership status

    Purchase and Transfer
    Direct and check-off savings and contribution

    Purchase and Transfer
    Direct and check-off savings and contribution

    Online application, processing and status reports
    Guarantees and collateral management
    Fixed and reducing balance loans accommodated
    Direct and check off repayments

    Financial Statements
    Fixed Asset Register
    Income and Expenditure
    Interest Management
    *Procurement and Banking

    Loan status updates
    Meetings and general notifications
    SMS query facility

    Web interface
    Desktop interface
    Analysis Reports and Charts
    Multi user system with concurrent access

    Well, you don’t really need to be a banker to use this, but just computer literacy will do. I would prefer all Sacco’s and Chama’s around the world get a hold on this application before things get mathematically out of their hands. In simpler terms, with SaccoSoft every coin is specially pampered. For more information about this application you can mail to info@softwareelegance.net

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    Peace is costly but it is worth the expense. ~Kenyan proverb

    Peace is costly but it is worth the expense. ~Kenyan proverb

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    This task has not been easy for this department. The Livestock sector is one of the sectors which used to receive very little funding from the national government. The number of technical staff has kept on dwindling at the expense of direct extension services to our people. The infrastructure we have in the county is at deplorable state. When I visited this station in August last year I found it was scrub and bush, there was no water, no sign of life, and so on. The only sign of life was elephant dung and destruction to fences and water points by the same as they were searching for water. However, I had a sigh of relief when I saw some little development in terms of a feed lot and some one or two machineries courtesy of the Economic Stimulus Program under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development.
    I also learnt that Bachuma Holding Ground has been selected as one of the Disease Free Zones in the country and has been chosen to be the first in establishing it so that it can match the international standards of a disease free zone.
    Ladies and gentlemen, we also have the Mwatate Livestock Multiplication farm. Again when I visited it-it was also in a deplorable condition in fact worse than Bachuma holding ground. Now here I am with my staff and our Governor has already announced different livestock are arriving soon in our county….
    …However, with the support from our Governor, early last month we managed to restock this station/farm with 78 heads of boran and sahiwal breed of cattle, that is 18 bulls and 60 heifers. Also 90 galla goats have been procured that is 10 bucks and 80 does. This is far below the carrying capacity. We project to gradually increase the carrying capacity through improvement of pasture production and utilization, intensive reseeding , improved water supply to strategic grazing areas, rehabilitation of farm structures, staff houses, fencing, firebreaks and so on.
    Read more here: http://www.duncanmwanyumba.org/research/research-on-land/livestock/77-speech-by-cec-livestok-at-the-launch-of-taita-taveta-county-livestock-multiplication-program-at-lmd-bachuma-on-332014

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    Watch out for your alibis and excuses. They are as convincing as a good loyal friend who keeps you on the shores of safety and boredom and away from the joy of the sea. TigerDirect HDTV Refurbished Deals

    John Kanary
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    BONUS DEAL SLASHER! – Ultimate Mobile Combo Kit ,110-220V, 3″, Craddle for iPod® (30-pin), Portable, Earbuds, Built-in Mic – $8.99.

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    The world and quiting.

    The world will always give you room to quit

    The world will always give you room to quit

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    For those who love suits…

    10% off custom suits for men

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    Malaika Fest 


    ‘Malaika Fest’ Set to become a Kenyan Brand?
    The residents of Rong’e Juu Location and Taita Taveta  County in general
    are bracing themselves for  a major ‘Mwazindika  dance’ and a heartfelt
    rendition  of Fadhili William ballads come Saturday, May 25th, 2013 to
    mark the late music icon’s 12th Anniversary since his demise.

    Fadhili William, to whom the  Kenyan ‘Malaika Festival’ is a tribute, is
    the acclaimed author-composer of the World-famous song ‘Malaika’ whose
    original composition the late South African songstress Miriam Makeba
    erroneously and, unfortunately, attributed to a Tanzanian. Other
    Artistes, like Benin’s Angelique Kidjo, also, have  unwittingly repeated
    Makeba’s original ‘sin’. Starting with ‘Ukifika Taita’-arguably Fadhili’s
    most evergreen Kiswahili song in praise of Taita Hills and their lush
    pastures that is gradually becoming one of the Festival’s signature tunes
    besides ‘Malaika’, the fete promises to deliver  aesthetic, sound and
    culinary tastes that  have so far characterized  the  growing Malaika

    In  February 2011, although  curious  revelers at the Grand event  were
    initially at pains  to comprehend the real meaning of the unfolding
    cultural event being held in Rong’e Juu, Taita Taveta County after  a
    seven-year hiatus since its last performance in Nairobi City, the sheer
    sound of  ‘Malaika’ the song and  the unmistakable voice of the late
    Fadhili William, served to  re-kindle old memories of the departed
    songster who caused ripples in Kenya, East Africa and beyond from the late
    50s to the mid-seventies. But, the presence of ‘banana chapatis’, Kimanga,
    Kipunde, Mkango, the  local Taita brew ‘M’bangara’  and ‘Mwasina’ and, the
    eminent  ‘Mwazindika’  Drums and ‘Kishawi’ dances  all went a long way to
    convince the patrons of  the  sustained blend of Fadhili William’s legacy
    and  faltering  Taita cultural practices  which serve as a reminder not
    only of  Fadhili William’s rich music legacy but, also, of  his  deep
    Taita roots.

    Strangely though, at first, some local Christians had thought of
    ‘Malaika Fest’  as  a form of  the long-forgotten ”ancestor worship’
    among the Taita, before they could  safely conclude that the event was no
    more than a pure celebration of the life and music times of their own
    departed son, whose remains they wished they had interred in his Rong’e
    ancestral home, instead of  far away in  Nairobi’s Cosmopolitan Kariokor

    Fadhili William had grown up and settled in the Eastland’s side of
    Nairobi, before moving to the United States of America in 1983, where he
    was to remain for thirteen years.In his younger days, the late Fadhili
    composed lyrics and sang in his Taita language, besides Kiswahili and
    English. ‘Niko Kireti’, ‘Ngamba Niagesha Wasi’,  and ‘Munilaguye Saru’ for
    instance, are some of his Taita songs whose rendition caused  even aging
    nostalgic female fans to gyrate and sweat out at the height of the last
    event which is gradually gaining local acceptance and,  fanatics. Last
    year’s event attracted a huge crowd, both young and old, with host School
    Mwanyambo Secondary School students leading the way   through  their
    scintillating drama, songs and dancing styles performed in their
    multi-colored School uniforms. To cap it all, even aspiring politicians,
    including  Taita Taveta Governor aspirant Engineer John Mtuta Mruttu,
    Women Representatives Joyce  Wanjala Lay  and Anna  Nyambu, got pulled
    away from another social event held  nearby, to throbbing Malaika Festival
    sounds and Mwazindika Drums.

    In the unfolding ‘branding’ of  Malaika Festival, Kenyan style,  whose
    Fadhili William image is, singularly, its most conspicuous  mark besides
    the red, cream and pink colors associated with the late musician, the
    sounds, traditional foods, dances and surrounding scenic beauty of the
    Taita Hills  closely resembling the Swiss Alps, all combine to create
    what is fast becoming the  Kenyan ‘Malaika Fest’  brand promise with all
    its trappings!

    “It is not complete without first slaughtering a Bull for us to feast
    on!”, says an old Fadhili William fan during the climax of last year’s
    festivity. Although he alone openly voiced his concern, this apparently,
    was the general feeling  of most fans of the celebratory occasion. “This
    will be in keeping with the old customs of remembering our departed
    souls!”, added  Mzee Silvano Nyambu, a retired police officer from Rong’e
    Juu who also plays the Mwazindika Drums as a pastime. But, will this too,
    become  a future expectation?

    As a pointer of better things to come, the Organising  Team of the
    forthcoming Third edition of the County Festival has given notice, through
    the aptly-framed  theme of ‘Promoting Peace & National Cohesion through
    Music”, of the full Kenyan  brand potential comprised in appealing
    patriotic songs  like ‘Kenya Nchi Yangu’ and ”Harambe Harambe’  in which
    Fadhili contributed both lyrics and guitar works, and dances by various
    groups from across the cosmopolitan Taita Taveta  County representing “the
    face of Kenya”, spiced, of course,  by the everlasting  ‘Malaika’ song,
    if the  Festival Team’s appeal to  local Corporate sponsors including
    Kenya Commercial Bank, Silent Guest Resort and Wildlife Works, bears more

    Needless to say, however, guarantees of peace and security, besides the
    availability of  traditional  Taita foods, drinks, and Mwazindika Drums
    and Taveta Uruasi dances and foods, as well as, possibly, other Kenyan
    sounds,  will be uppermost as “givens” or “cravings in the minds of
    tourists, both foreign and local expected at the Fete, which was
    initially held in Nairobi but subsequently “devolved” to  Taita Taveta
    County three years ago where it is set  to be anchored in more fertile
    ground. Ironically, although the event’s devolution to Taita Taveta
    County was aimed at boosting the County’s potentially rich cultural
    profile, it may very well, fortuitously, become a ‘Kenyan Brand’ whose
    popular ‘malaika.co.ke’ website domain already reflects its future trend.

    Duncan Mwanyumba

    Festival Convener,

    Voi City, Saturday, January 12, 2013

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    Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

    Charles M. Schulz
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