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    Enjoy your Weekend 

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    Two friends were talking to each other.
    1st Friend : You told me that you and your wife did not have a fight since you are married. How did you manage to do that man. That is pretty difficult?
    2nd Friend : This is a short story. When we went for honeymoon to Switzerland, my wife sat on a horse. The horse kicked her and she fell down. She told the horse “That was one!” Then she again sat on the horse, but the horse kicked her again. She said “That was two!” She again sat on the horse, but the horse kicked her very hard. Then she took out her revolver and shot the horse dead filling 6 bullets from the revolver into the horse and said “That was three!” I was shocked. I told her “Have you totally lost your mind. You just killed that horse!!” She looked at me and told me “THAT WAS ONE!” and from that day, we never had a fight.

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      Many such sub-prime mortgage brokers provide credit restoration services that will lower rates of interest Film
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      Because they attach mechanically towards the walls, there is absolutely
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      Waterproof camera messenger bag Uses Canon’s Hybrid could be the offset angle and shift camera shake during close-up photography.

      The rugged Pentax WG1 GPS camera offers photographic performance,
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      The camera is additionally capable of producing beautiful photos with soft-focused backgrounds with shallow depth
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      19 This was John’s testimony when the Jewish leaders sent priests and Temple assistants
      from Jerusalem to ask John, ‘Who are you’. The question that
      is to be answered in 1300 words is What does justice mean to me.

      What does range mean in math

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      Ask these questions:how this person was like other people you had unsuccessful relationships with.


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      Florence, South Carolina residents would like to feel
      safe and secure within their home. When the protection alarm has become fitted you will end up given several which you are going
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      Some are definitely more advanced as opposed to runners and you’ve got to contemplate your
      security needs before choosing one to suit the house.

      Flames home security systems Milton have to be an element
      of any type of house if it really is just a commercial and also
      a non-public residence.


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      Any gamer who has a passion for playing games on the PC will inevitably spend many hours a week sitting at their desk clicking
      away. The Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation disclosed three from five vehicles wrecked by mice had their values dramatically reduced.
      Best gaming mouse for palm grip You need to wait
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      In case you are certain that you just have a single mouse within your home,
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      Things You Should Know About Buy Dell Inspiron 15 And besides what better
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      The Basic Interface will probably be similar to Windows XP and will run of all current PCs and Laptops.
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      Well, Boyer has created milk chocolate peanut butter cups and
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      is 200 grams of pasta


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      To use it in brief, non-technical terms, this patch can make it possible for computers running Windows
      XP to exhibit up inside the network diagram on Windows Vista computers.

      What can make it different using the DAP-1360 is the DAP-1525 includes
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      Once Back – Track has booted you need to login with username:
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      in the matter of milliseconds. Wifi extender apple tv One from the features
      that I like with the network scanner software will be the
      ability to gauge d – B signal.


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      It’s critical that penetration is protected and won’t lead
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      First, it is best to read reviews and expert recommendations posted along the Internet.

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      So therefore you can say that this is often a full proof home home security system that protects
      your own home from intruder. Evening vision and infrared cameras seize high quality picture despite darkish environment.
      Cctv amazon The home owners contain the option to have different kinds of home security system as per their very own preference.

      If you’re wondering what Snap is short for, it means
      Simple Network Area Prober. Using security systems offering video cameras can assist you
      control your losses or no less than identify who’s causing problems to your retail establishment or business.


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      The old-style was the antenna beyond your home, usually installed on the apex from the roof from the house,
      and after that there were the cables. Those that have TV antennas in Melbourne can invariably count on professionals to make certain a successful and lasting
      installation. Best hdtv antenna geoselector Back in the analog TV era of yesteryear, you are almost always better off having a
      giant outdoor antenna, nevertheless for many people this was not
      an option.

      The other aspects that should be considered will vary peripherals,
      type of wireless antenna, installation aspect,
      cost factor so on. You can mount it inside your attic or about the side
      of your house, or perhaps clamp it directly onto
      your existing antenna mast.


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      It can save your property and pets in the fire when you’re not even home.
      Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Alert Electrical, a wholesaler, supplier and internet-based retailer of alarm system and wireless home security systems at very economical price.
      Home alarm systems special offers I have even seen personal alarms
      having a build in flashing strobe light that can confuse
      your new puppy long enough to suit your needs to get away.

      King was in the hurry on his solution to visit his new
      grandbaby when he accidentally embark the alarm. If you do not currently have
      an wireless home alarm installed as part of your home, you’re putting yourself
      at unnecessary risk.


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      CCTV systems are most often used to monitor stores, banks,
      and public buildings, etc. A CCTV strategy is comprised of an a protection DVR to tape suspicious activity, a camera to observe as well as the cables to connect them together.
      Cctv dvr network setup Of all the cameras, a CCTV
      Dome Camera is quite popular because it is
      unobtrusive and discerning.

      Instances of mugging and sexual assault, the most common types of crimes in these areas, have fallen by over half
      after the installing of CCTV systems. The Archos DVR Station also permits you to send emails out of your TV, playback videos in DVD
      quality via the S-video, RGB or YPb – Pr video outputs.


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      I turn it on for power then do the same for
      the receiver which I put beside my Samsung rear-projection HDTV.
      If you want the best Nintendo Wii picture to your games, then you will need to invest inside the right cables for connecting the Wii to
      your television. Hdmi to rca converter box


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      Consider a hat, t-shirt, or jacket while using operation’s insignia
      on it. Probably one of the most total facts about direct tv
      remote codes for insignia are available within our website.
      Insignia led tv reviews 24 And with regards to social status, big HDTV’s serve recognize
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      Use the UNKEMPT font design and find the reasonable text insignia in lieu of the blog –
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      Just an instant note about Magic – Prefs: it’s where you
      can set up all sorts of deeper functions on your – Magic Mouse.
      Richard seems to have capacity to make any animal from your
      little mouse, a large dog plus a kitten to some cow, a lamb so on look directly in the camera.
      Quiet gaming mouse and keyboard Top mystery games like Morningstar and The
      Fog Fall have charmed online gamers using graphics,
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      You also can refer to the various sites based on how to select a great gaming mouse,
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      Unfortunately this game, like the Pong – Out series,
      incorporates the same style of techno song and plays it on a loop.


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      Range Issues If you’ve got a large business, or are experiencing range difficulty with yours, you could want to buy a new and stronger
      wireless antenna. You retain almost certainly experienced why the wireless
      range extenders are useful.

      The Wi-Fire increases the signal strength even through walls possibly at ranges of 65 feet that
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      At AT&T Wi-fi offered through Barnes and Noble does not have any fees or chargers of
      any kind. Wifi antenna or range extender
      Based for the information they gathered, they estimated what page they’ll request next before reloading it.


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      Once she completely let it go, the fluid will flow out uncontrollably.
      Tell her that you simply remembered if you give her the mirror and also you’ll
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      ” That includes saying the special moment words that can certainly make his cognitive abilities explode from pleasure. Harold creates his or her own magical journey together with his purple crayon.


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      They possess a great variety of functions you need to include tasks like viewing video security cameras to remote port scanning a machine around the same network as
      being the i – Phone. Quite naturally, these cameras are put set up in city centers, department
      stores, and filling stations where you will discover more odds of such untoward incidents happening.

      Cctv 4 In crime investigation, CCTV remote monitoring can be made using as to collect
      and collect components of evidence.

      Since you are unable to assess yourself whether
      or not the prices offered and actual work is going to be coordinating, you best employ
      a proficient person to evaluate that. If
      you desire a varifocal or longer focal length lens, you will be out of luck.


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      Consuming whey protein isolate powder rigtht after a workout or training of any kind is often a
      great approach to help increase the rebuilding as well as the recovery
      of your muscles. There are different varieties of
      protein powder available in the market. Protein powder pancakes bodybuilding Soy protein nutrients are predicted to be one of the key driving ingredients pushing this growth.

      So, I highly suggest you stray away from using this method as you are going
      to lose that developed muscle after you reduce
      your Protein intake to the recommended dosage. To be used in case
      of immediate need, it’s available in protein powder form also, which gets digested quickly.


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      By 1974 Araki had established a photography school called ‘Workshop’ with Japanese photographers like Moriyama Daid, Fukase Masahisa and Yokosuka Noriaki. Taking care on the new addition begins at conception and continues until the kid becomes an adolescent adult.


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      This assists in entering sensitive login details without having to
      utilize the physical keyboard. They are extremely low-maintenance too, most cameras is usually
      installed within a corner from the home or business establishment and forgotten about without
      worries. Cctv kit Sound, some people ask for sound recording, most CCTV
      DVR’s offer this feature but hardly any external CCTV cameras have audio capabilities.

      It may surprise you to definitely know that the initial installation of any CCTV camera
      was all of the way last 1961 certainly where an camera was fitted for a London radio station.
      The camera was put in place inside in the treatment room along with the
      nurses were watching his every move inside a room opposite treatments room.


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      Some televisions can afford of 3D viewing or have local dimming, which permits you to illuminate the screen in bright areas and preserve it
      dark in others. On the opposite hand, Lcd Televisions
      make use of various quite, which can be hanging in water that’s sandwiched between superior sections.
      Insignia tv ge remote codes We also compare Vizomax
      along with other TV screen protectors that individuals
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      Samsung Electronics will also unveil its new Series-9 3D LED-backlit HDTV in the upcoming
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      As the wireless versions of video surveillance devices focus
      on batteries, they could be installed just anywhere within the
      property, according towards the need on the user.
      There is no requirement to spend $400 over a system if all that you require
      is often a single camera watching a particular space as part of your house.
      Security cameras linux Unless you might have extensive experience and training,
      the connectivity is among the most worst trait
      in this technology.

      In the industry of private security services, Guarding Professionals has recently carved its niche.
      People have this indisputable fact that all that’s
      wireless is a lot better than all that may be wired.


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      Fitted using a tiny LED light, the sunshine shines from the
      whole glass and accentuates the liquid for a unique effect.
      She was throwing everything that was not nailed down, so when Winters attemptedto sedate
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      Waterproof led light bar reviews The most apparent emergency light
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      Has age dulled its edge and advancements in technology rendered it old and sold.


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      During the period, I’ve had wireless internet for three years.

      Users just have to touch the projected image; they’re able to control
      the projector and interact with the multimedia content and application program.

      Thus, enjoy a broad range in the custom development that satisfied your small business requisites.
      Because switches commit and dedicate connections
      between computers, packets may not be found. Wifi extender kenya The connectivity and also the speed of wifi is totally based on the mobile
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      If you somehow notice, these insignias are a great deal more
      treated like expensive jewelry like those pearls
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      Insignia tv keeps blinking For individuals who have analog TVs a
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      The difference between both is that the LCD TV uses a cold cathode or CCFL to glow while the LED TV uses
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      Medical science incorporates a come ways in treating
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      Power – Pod-LANC comes inside the form of the motorized base on which
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      world could be the threat to your security
      alarms. Security cameras laredo tx Through time, folks have witnessed a
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      These solutions providers should be experienced and knowledgeable,
      and also must be capable of offer innovative services based around the latest advances inside the industry.


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      To move from being a high school senior with a newbie college freshman is no easy
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      There are a couple of certified online druggist engaged in offering
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      These clothes also also become handy eye glass cleaning tools too,
      driving them to a very helpful accessory to your camera bag.
      The most outstanding thing case, other the reason is superb waterproof capabilities,
      is its high tech design, rendering it one in our top picks.
      Waterproof cameras amazon uk It features a casing that once the
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      Seal Shield keyboard, mouse as well as waterproof TV handheld remote control can be
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      Rather they only ideate light as something practical for being capable of
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      LED bulbs assist plants in growth by providing efficient light.
      Years later, Fred Hoyle, a properly respected astrophysicist who totally rejected this theory, sarcasticly named it the Big Bang theory.


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      This wireless home security Internet camera will do all you want and after that some
      for any reasonable price. Having this camera is like being there yourself as there are
      no worries with out problems. Because they’re such sort of critical portion of any home alarm system, they will be reliable so are built to last.

      Lighting can improve the security of your house’s
      landscaping. The most effective kind of security camera system is a
      digicam that can get images without it being positioned.


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      Lies You’ve Been Told About Buy Dell Inspiron 15 These maxed-out, high-performance machines are stylized
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      Alli dictate a diet that is certainly has about one-third protein, carbohydrate,
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      It was customary to light a candle to encourage Mithras, and also the sun, to
      reappear next year. LED lights though seems being small contribution to lessen global warming issue if however everyone pursue LED
      we are more likely to produce big difference. Led grow
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      We could see our perserverence settling with some lightening-quick green lights shining on our agendas.

      It is fairly inexpensive to obtain a compact fluorescent grow light for use more than a
      modest space of indoor garden.


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      Even locating a little sign in top window of your respective shop will advertise the fact that you might
      have free Wi – Fi available for your customers. Our brains have a very built in Wi – Fi (wireless fidelity
      system) to see and imitate others’ emotions in a very matter of milliseconds.

      All Barnes and Nobles stores are actually offering free wi-fi inside their stores for customer use.
      Time to Get True Internet Connected in Thailand –
      My building manager ordered True Wi-Fi internet personally late with a Thursday afternoon.
      Wifi extender with ethernet You will need a Skype account to use them, when you setup
      the phone you will end up asked to go in your Skype login information.


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    Judge to man : Why did you shoot your wife instead of shooting her lover dead for that would be more reasonable for you to commit the crime.
    Man : Because its better to shoot my wife once than to shoot a man every month.

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    Live Feed, 2011 by RaMell Ross


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    Maskan Flani.

    Ewaah! Nimeambiwa na sasa napata kuelewa  kwamba ya Mungu ni mengi na ya kuku ni mayai. Jamaa flani mtaani juzi ametokea sehemu za bara kwao na jogoo mkononi. Kilichotoka kinywani mwake ni kwamba, “huyu jogoo wangu ni wa mbegu peke yake. Ntahakikisha kwamba nimepata wengine kama yeye ndio nimle nyama.” Sisi majirani tulibaki kujionea tu. Yule Chakibanga(Mhusika mkuu) usiku wa kwanza aliota ndoto moja ya maajabu sana. Aliota kwamba yule jogoo anamfukuza kama kikuku kike na kumpanda kana kwamba wanajamiiana. Ebo! mbona mwenzangu akaamka na jasho limemjaa mwilini kama amekutana na simba?

    Read more…

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    Mashuka Ole Makaptula ndio jina la Kijana fulani wa Kimaasai. Kwao ni kuleee Mphejeto, “kule jua nakuja mafuriko furifuri kama Alasika”, kama anavyojieleza yeye. Mashuka katika umri wake wa ujana ako na mengi ya kujionea kwa ulimwengu wa sasa.Basi siku moja ameenda kutembea jijini Nairobi na katika ile pilkapilka ya kujioneaonea ‘Uptown’ macho yake yakaangukia kuku kwenye kabati za maduka ya vyakula vya haraka. “Shie! Kwani watu ya mujini naanika ndege kwa kabati uchi.”

    via Maskan Flani.

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    Does it get any worse than this? 

    Statistically speaking men tend to shy away from relationship related talks thus find it easier to hangout with friends in the pub instead to avoid some very delicate conversations. Matters of the heart require a lot of attention and care...

    Statistically speaking men tend to shy away from relationship related talks thus find it easier to hangout with friends in the pub instead to avoid some very delicate conversations. Matters of the heart require a lot of attention and care…

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    Forgiveness…Can you forgive?

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    Happy people 2 

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    Need a ride? 

    Be safe out there guys.

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    Not Everything is as it seems

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    The hater mentality. 

    It’s the hater mentality.

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    It’s amazing how simple shapes can do wonders. In life simple things we do go unnoticed and unappreciated. Here is a demonstration of how simple shapes and figures can do and so is it applicable in our lives. It’s the simple things we do.

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    Wonderful sight to see. 


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    Not everything is as it seems 

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    Like a Soldier 


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    Hold Steady. 

    Am about to make ya famous so hold steady

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    More inspiration: What are your 3 words? 

    What did you find for yourself?

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    Some Inpiration for the Day. 

    I gues we all are successful.

    Be Successful

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