For those wondering who the blogger of this website is well, here is your chance. Meet William Macharia, a Kenyan citizen who one may say is proud to be Kenyan. Different people find satisfaction in achieving different things in life but for him, what he hopes for most is making a difference in someones life or making sure that he impacts peoples lives positively. He takes great concern in matters to do with the environment hence his project herb under his blog. Talk of passion William is passionate about every project he undertakes hence puts in 101% effort leaving no room for failure. We all have fear before investing or taking up any project that we feel its too risky, well for him he believes the greater the risk the more the benefits gained no matter how many times the risk proves to be too much.

William believes there is potential in everyone, only that some of us haven’t tapped in ours or are yet to discover what we are capable of. Well its not all about work and no play, William is a funny guy he loves cracking jokes just to see a smile on the face of a colleague if the environment permits. Well for u to learn more about the admin I’ll keep you informed.


Author: Maureen Macharia