What do I want with my Future?

I have been so distant with myself lately. Like i even do not know about myself. I have asked myself since a fortnight ago, “What do I really want with my future? What kind of man am I going to be? Am I going to sit aside and watch others tell their stories and let mine disappear in the richest knowledge bank in the world, my grave?” I do not know about you or the kind of issues you are going through. Everyone has his/her own demons to deal with. But that does not mean I should not live life. That does not mean i should find my purpose for living and neither should you. If you know the story of Noah and the Ark then you will realize that there is no task that is too hard to be accomplished. Just like there is no mountain that cannot be moved if only you believe in God and yourself.

No, i cannot save the world but,… Yes, i can change the world however small my effort is going to be but i will do it. I have tried for far to many times and i bet i have the experience to do it this time round. So if you have the guts to change this world get out there and do whatever it is that you feel you were meant to do and do it well. Do what you love and love what you do. You have to see your baby through.