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Flash Virtualization Myth #1 – All-Flash Arrays are a “must” for Virtualization

3765.3 Tegile Webinar HomepageThere are a lot of myths surrounding the use of flash and virtualization, in our upcoming live webinar we will expose the top 4. One of those myths is that All-Flash arrays (AFA) are a must-have when architecting a virtual infrastructure. It is true that AFAs can bring a number of benefits to the virtual environment including increased virtual machine density, more consistent performance and impressive results from deduplication. But are AFAs a must-have for virtual environments, or can hybrid systems deliver many of the same benefits?

The Performance Myth of All-Flash Arrays

The fact that AFAs deliver impressive performance is certainly not a myth. Even “slow” systems generate hundreds of thousands of IOPS. Where things get a little fuzzy is how much of this potential performance does the typical virtual environment need? The reality is that most virtual…

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