Multinode OpenStack with Oracle Linux 6.6 in Virtual Box with GNS3

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In a previous post, I was showing how to setup a CentOS Multinode Openstack.  In this post, I’ll show the same thing except I’ll use Oracle Linux 6.6. OpenStack on Oracle Linux has a few different variants, but in this post, I’ll use Oracle Linux as the Compute Nodes.  An alternate would be to use OVM which is Xen based as the Compute Nodes.  I’m going to skip the steps for getting GNS3 setup since it is the same as my other post at part 1. When you get to the section where you start to configure the eth1 interfaces and the yum repos, stop there and come back here.

The instructions are very similar to our previous setup except for a few changes and command line argument differences. As a reminder, here is the setup we built.

On the controller, do the following.

Setup Mgmt interface

cat <…

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