Interesting Linux distros and desktop environments

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Ubuntu is considered as the most popular Linux distro. It is based on Debian, where Debian is famous of its stability. And Linux Mint, which becomes another most popular Linux distro, is based on Ubuntu and Debian. Recently, there are several Linux distros attract my attention.

Firstly, elementary OS, which is based on Ubuntu, is well-known of its aesthetic design. Unlike other distros which were using common desktop environments, for instance GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE, it uses Pantheon.

elementary OS in VirtualBox elementary OS in VirtualBox

Then, deepin, which is also based on Ubuntu, uses its own desktop environment, i.e. Deepin Desktop Environment. The Deepin Desktop Environment is based on HTML5, this is something distinguish.

deepin in VirtualBox deepin in VirtualBox

deepin using Chinese language in VirtualBox deepin using Chinese language in VirtualBox

During the installation, if Chinese language is chosen, then Sogou Pinyin will be installed.

Next is Chromixium OS, which is also based on Ubuntu. It does not use…

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