How to Install Oracle VirtualBox on a Mac

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Oracle VirtualBox may be installed on an existing host operating system.  It can create and manage guest virtual machines, each with a guest operating system and its own virtual environment.

Open your internet browser of choice and in the address bar, enter the URL


Based on your OS, double-click on the appropriate VirtualBox platform package, e.g. if you have a Mac, then choose VirtualBox 4.3.28 for OS X hosts.virtualbox_closeup_image1

The program will appear in the download bar on the lower left section of your browser window.

virtualbox_downloadcloseupWhen the download is complete, then double click on the file, which still appears as “VirtualBox-4.3.28-1 .  . .dmg”.  Another screen will pop up, indicating that VirtualBox is being verified and opened.openingvirtualboxstatusbar

This screen disappears after the program has been verified.  Another screen appears, instructing you to move the VirtualBox icon into the Applications folder in order to run this program on…

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