Hosting Kali in the Cloud – Catch those Reverse Shells where they matter!



if you want to host Kali in the Cloud I can recommend the host Vultr!

You can prepay your account with PayPal and Bitcoin and fire up a Kali VM in 30 Minutes by “wgetting” the Kali minimal Iso to the hoster and booting via KVM and performing the Kali Installation Routine.

The prices are roughly half of comparable AWS Instances!

So just try it out, setting up a Kali VM and playing around a bit did cost me roughly 19 USD Cents…

You also can see you Account Balance and detailed per Server monthly fees in the Webinterface! If the VM is powered down it does not cost you anything.

Disclaimer: The link above and below are including a referral to my account!
If you like Vultr and stumbled onto it via my blog please use this link to sign up!

Feel free to post any comments or questions below!

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