Client Centered Computing

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My daughter Joyce is graduating this week with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy (#joytheot). Joyce has spent some time educating me on Occupational Therapy, and one of the concepts that I really like is OT’s position on Client Centered Care. I think there is a message there for us in the IT industry.

Client Centered Care starts with getting its goals directly from the client. If I was to be in some kind of accident, the healthcare industry would work to put me back together. They would try to restore me to normal operating condition. An Occupational Therapist often picks up this point and starts by ascertaining a goal. The goal is set by the client. So maybe in this case my goals might be: get back to work and cook. The “occupation” in occupational therapy doesn’t just mean work; it really refers to anything someone might want to…

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