Sacco’s and Chama’s have a become a very powerful financial institutions and backgrounds in the African economies. As a matter of fact they have opened up most people to general accounting rules and more people have become aware of savings. With that said, a friend of mine from Software Elegance just came up with a real solution to a real problem and I am proud to say, We are truly financially free and digital.Software Elegance Logo

Introducing SaccoSoft; a simple, yet powerful, Sacco and Chama management system designed to ease the pain of tracking each and every coin while at the same time keeping members up to date. What makes this app cool is the specification. I took time to review it and this is what i got:

Membership applications and approvals
Online Self Service
Nominee Register
Member photos, statements and bio-data
Disciplinary and membership status

Purchase and Transfer
Direct and check-off savings and contribution

Purchase and Transfer
Direct and check-off savings and contribution

Online application, processing and status reports
Guarantees and collateral management
Fixed and reducing balance loans accommodated
Direct and check off repayments

Financial Statements
Fixed Asset Register
Income and Expenditure
Interest Management
*Procurement and Banking

Loan status updates
Meetings and general notifications
SMS query facility

Web interface
Desktop interface
Analysis Reports and Charts
Multi user system with concurrent access

Well, you don’t really need to be a banker to use this, but just computer literacy will do. I would prefer all Sacco’s and Chama’s around the world get a hold on this application before things get mathematically out of their hands. In simpler terms, with SaccoSoft every coin is specially pampered. For more information about this application you can mail to