Could we fight climate change with bitcoin? This guys thinks so


James D’Angelo wants to cap the world’s carbon emissions, and he wants to do it using bitcoin — that digital currency you’ve heard about but don’t quite understand.

The NASA engineer turned rapper turned conservationist turned cryptocurrency enthusiast turned YouTube personality calls his plan “the people’s cap-and-trade,” or Sno-Caps. It would give everyone in the world equal access to the carbon market, have almost no operating costs, and require zero government involvement.

Cue the head scratching and skeptical faces. Yes, it’s an unconventional idea. And yes, it’s coming from an unconventional guy, but let’s see where this goes.

I called up D’Angelo last month in Brookline, Mass., where he lives with his wife and 3-year-old son. He was eager to tell me about Sno-Caps, but first, I said, I wanted to discuss his résumé. It was “interesting,” I told him. D’Angelo laughed and said interesting was a nice way to…

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