‘Apocalyptic’ dust storm descends upon Belarus – Utah smothered in massive dust storm

The Extinction Protocol

Dust Storm
April 2015BELARUSA potent dust storm swept through Belarus this week — turning day into night in a scene straight out the Book of Revelation. Stunning video shows the exact moment when the “apocalyptic” batch of weather invades the city of Soligorsk and plunges one of its bustling roadways into darkness.
Vision shot from an apartment block in the city of Soligorsk shows a gradual darkening of the sky. Within minutes, the city was pitch black, with drivers gradually seen flicking on their headlights as darkness descended. Television network RT reported police had to escort pedestrians around the streets with flashlights. Subsequent heavy rain led to electricity being cut and some damage to buildings from falling trees.
Residents were said to be both scared and excited by the natural phenomenon, which hit Belarus on Monday, according to the Russian website RT. Local meteorologists in the Eastern European…

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