Facebook’s European Privacy Class Action Hearing Set For April 9


Some developments on the class action suit filed against Facebook over alleged privacy violations in Europe. Europe vs. Facebook, the group that has filed the suit and now has 25,000 claimants in tow, has had its first hearing set for April 9, in a court in Vienna, marking the first time Facebook will appear in court over the violations.

The class action covers a number of areas ranging from data use policy under EU law to PRISM surveillance support and the unlawful introduction of “Graph Search.” (The full list is below.) Facebook has so far issued a blanket response refuting the claims, arguing that the lawsuit is inadmissable because it cannot be sued by its users.

So far, the class action has remained limited to 25,000 who can claim up to €500 each in damages, resulting in a case that could cost Facebook $14 million. The claimants are also demanding a “suspension of…

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