Leadership Lessons from the Break Room Dishwasher

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Dirty or Clean Dishes

“No dishes in the sink!”  This was a reoccurring item on our staff meeting agenda. Commonly, the coffee cups would be loaded up in the sink ready for a brave soul to rinse and load in the dishwasher. Sometimes the dishes would rest over the weekend so they would get extra nasty.

And so on and on it went…

Leading a Mess

I admit here publicly- I was also a culprit. I would bring my coffee cup to the kitchen area and open the dishwasher and then freeze-up!

Are they clean or dirty?

I would look for all the clues. Any coffee stains? Any food on the plates? Often times it’s really hard to tell. Especially if the dishwasher isn’t the greatest. So after a few moments of inspection and feeling unclear on the status of the dishes, I have placed my cup in the sink.

Yes- I am…

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