The Saturday Six: When You Don’t Care Anymore

 saturday six

Some people fear getting old.

And some people can’t wait.

There are some nice benefits to it: discounts, retirement, early dinners, electric scooters, jello, being an extra on those Lifeline Medical Alert commercials, and most importantly, being able to say whatever-the-hell you want, when you want.

“Can you believe Bob just said that about people from South Sobia?! Really?! It was embarrassing! I hope a South Sobian wasn’t standing nearby!”

“It’s OK. Bob is old.

Which brings up the important questions…at what age are you aloud to say whatever you want, regardless of tact, creed, race, and/or religion?

Is there a certain self-censor brain cell that dies sometime after you turn 65?

And why is it kind of embarrassing, but kind of cute and liberating at the same time?

“Bob went off on the way that South Sobian’s think they deserve the world handed to the them on…

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