Now Tinder Is Being Used To ID Suspected Thieves


Stories of thieves being caught by social networks like Facebook or Twitter are nothing new. But what about Tinder?

“Isn’t that a dating app,” you say. Yes, but one enterprising victim of repeat thefts used the popular mobile app to ID the person he claimed is responsible for stealing $30,000 worth of computers and gadgets from his company.

NBC reports that David Petersen, co-founder of San Francisco-based startup Buildzoom, turned to Tinder after CCTV photos of a woman sneaking into the company’s offices generated no leads via more traditional social networks and Buildzoom’s own blog.

tinder buildzoomPetersen initially filed a report with police back in July, but last week he opened a Tinder account, uploading the suspected thief’s photo alongside the words “I rob offices in SF, $5,000 reward for identifying me.”

Hey presto, he told NBC that Buildzoom received an email with her name and a photo just two days later.

Petersen has since passed the information on…

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