Details, “I have been trying to Love you as a man but I just realized I do love you like a brother.”  These are things that mentally violets a man’s ego, kills his emotional strength and seriously metrosexual. In an African setting that would make things even more complicated than they purported to be. Back in the days of King Solomon and his times it was a normal thing for a man to be polygamous. King Solomon Himself has a remarkable record that I envy.

What does it mean when you personally tell someone special, “I love you”?  What does passionately loving someone entail? What is intimate love? These days it’s hard to be a man. Some even go to an extend of hanging themselves. Walking out of your own story by food poisoning yourself. In some places people kill their families and eventually kill themselves in the process of burring the evidence or avoiding prosecution.  My Friend puts it in very  simple but complicated terms when he says, “Love is easy.”  How easy or hard that is depends on your heart.

On the other hand what goes into your mind when the person you think you love intimately wakes up one day and he/she tells you that she loves you like a brother. That all the effort you have been making is irrelevant but only translated as brotherly love. Ouch! That hurts. What would you do about it? Turn around and give a deaf ear?  Do you hate each other as an aftermath or do run away n never come back. Did I hear you say you move on? But how easy is that when you know you love someone?

Do we just love or do we fall in love? How can we love without feeling jealous? Jesus must really have a had a big heart in his life as a man.