IBM launches the first enterprise apps it cooked up with Apple


Back in July, Apple and IBM announced a surprising deal in which Big Blue would help produce enterprise-specific iOS apps and provide IT support for businesses that want to use iPads and iPhones.

On Wednesday, the two companies announced the first products produced by the partnership. Called IBM MobileFirst for iOS, the apps will be deployed at companies including Citi, Sprint and Air Canada. The apps include:

  • Plan Flight, an app for pilots that allows them to view schedules, plans, and manifests
  • Passenger+, an app for in-flight crews
  • Trusted Advice, which gives financial advisors the ability to look at relevant documents and statistics on the go
  • Incident Aware, which gives police officers and law enforcement officials access to maps and real-time video feeds of incidents
  • Sales Assist and Pack & Pick, apps for retail stores to manage inventory and customers
  • Expert Tech, an app designed to improve customer service from telecommunications workers

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Apple CEO Tim Cook taking a casual stroll. IBM CEO Ginni…

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