Ferguson and Wall Street, new Nickelback song

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This music video is called Nickelback – Edge Of A Revolution.

This Canadian rock band was inspired to write this song by what happened in Ferguson, USA.

The lyrics are:

“Edge of a Revolution”

Head high, protest line
“Freedom” scribbled on your sign
Headline, New York Times
Standing on the edge of a revolution

Hey, hey, just obey.
Your secret’s safe with the NSA
In God we trust or the CIA?
Standing on the edge of a revolution

Yeah, we’re standing on the edge of a revolution
Revolution, revolution, revolution

No, we won’t give up, we won’t go away
‘Cause we’re not about to live in this mass delusion
No, we don’t wanna hear another word you say
‘Cause we know they’re all depending on mass confusion
No, we can’t turn back, we can’t turn away
‘Cause it’s time we all relied on the last solution
No, we…

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