Tanzania’s Idris now $300,000 Richer as he wins Big Brother Africa Hotshots


Big Brother Africa 2014 has come to an end. The journey that saw different individuals from various African nations ended with Tanzania’s Idris winning the grand prize of  $300,000. The last two in the house after so many evictions were, Idris and Nigeria’s Tayo.

They were evicted in this order: Butterphly and Mam’bea, JJ and Sipe, Nhlanhla and Macky2, leaving Idris and Tayo. The last two contenders were feted with a burst of fireworks as they walked out of the Big Brother house for the last time. Idris was definitely a fans favourite, however i need to ask are you happy with the choice of the winner or do you feel Nigeria’s own Tayo should have won.

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