Fix It Jesus: Mariah Carey Tanks Christmas Special Performance! [VIDEO]

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Mariah Carey

Can someone please find out where the real Mariah Carey is for us? The songbird diva was on hand for NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center special on Dec. 3, where she performed her classic yuletide hit, ?All I Want for Christmas?.  While belting out her song, Carey missed the majority of the high notes she is most famous for hitting. To say Carey’s performance was disappointing would be an understatement.  Just what is the reason for Mimi missing out on those octaves she’s legendary for?

According to TMZ, Carey was so preoccupied on the phone talking to her attorney surrounding her divorce to Nick Cannon, she came to the taping at Rockefeller Center on Dec. 2, 3 HOURS LATE! Once she arrived, the big wigs over at NBC along with crewmembers and fans of Carey’s were not amused by her tremendous tardiness resulting in her being home. While Mariah…

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