How Europe could cut Google down to size without splitting it up


With a new competition commissioner re-examining the long-running Google antitrust case, it’s worth revisiting what she needs to achieve, particularly as the European Parliament has now called for EU antitrust law’s nuclear option – the unprecedented splitting-up of the company – to be on the table.

The resolution that the Parliament passed on Thursday refers to the possibility of separating Google’s search business from its other interests. It is, more than anything, a reflection of how politicized and overstuffed the [company]Google[/company] case has become. It forms part of a wider broadside against Google’s dominance in Europe – an offensive that is coalescing not so much out of a common cause, but out of varied interests seeing an opportunity to take a chunk out of a common adversary.

So here’s a rundown of where things stand, and what I – a journalist rather than a competition lawyer, of course — respectfully…

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