Zano Is A Sky Selfie Micro-Drone That Flies Itself


Holy autonomous micro-drones batman! Wondering how you’re going to line up your next dronie? Aka a selfie taken from up high by a passing UAV so you don’t get a photo of yourself remote controlling a drone… Well, never fear: a U.K.-based firm is building a micro-drone that flies itself so you can stand around looking nonchalant/pull off some sick BMX/skateboarding/tombstoning tricks while being papped from above.

Called Zano, the micro-drone is currently a flying prototype, due to make it to market next summer. It’s being demoed on Kickstarter as its engineer makers, Torquing Group, seek to raise £125,000 to give their new baby lift off. At the time of writing they’ve already passed £100,000 raised and still have 42 days left on their campaign so expect Zano’s pledged funds to easily soar past the target.

The Zano micro drone is just 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches (and 55g in weight), with a 5 megapixel…

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