WorkmateHR- Human Resource and Payroll Management System




WorkmateHR is a State of the Art Human Resource and Payroll Management system that is designed to provide management and tracking of the entire value chain of a Human Capital in your organization in order to increase the overall efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Instead of visiting the HR/Accounts departments for payslips, leave applications, salary advance applications among others, employees will be able to access the same from the comfort of their desktops or tablets and phones. Likewise, employers need not ask employees about their current contacts, skills, educational background and so on.

With WorkmateHR organizations will be able to track and leverage the human resources from Recruitment (Applications, Interview(s) to eventual Contract Signing), Scheduling and Benefit management. Performance (trends and bottlenecks) in projects will also be exposed.


General Features

  • Web-based Employee Self-Service portal
  • Configurable role-based access
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Dashboards with excellent reports and charts
  • Data‚Ķ

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