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Communication in 21st century is manly via phones, email, social network and word of mouth. Each of these has its place in the society even in this century of inventions and innovations.
Communication mediums are chose based on their appropriateness and not just on the hype. Email is good but the receiver has to log in to his mailbox to retrieve it. Social websites provide a better experience but enforce the same need (signing up and logging in). Voice calls are expensive and not practical when the target is a large number of people. SMS is cheaper but is less user friendly especialy when u want to send the same message to over 500 different people.
Welcome Text Magic SMS Solution to the rescue. We make SMS friendlier and fun. News, Alerts and Announcements will be captured via a computer GUI (not the mobile phone) and broadcast to all recipients (hundreds or thousands) at a click of a button. SMS voting facility is also available. As if that is not enough, some users (e.g. Principal) can send updates to all students without having to log in to the system.
Successful installation and commissioning of this system will see improvements including better and cheaper communication, operational efficiency, increased process transparency, avoiding costs associated with a manual system, competitive advantage, security, accountability among many other intangible benefits.

The sheer size of the Association and number of members that are present means that so much information is generated and stored each and every day.
Clique Computers is a recently established software development house founded by graduate developers with more than 5 years experience in developing enterprise software solutions. We currently operate from Voi, Supaa buld, opposite the bus stage.
We develop and deploy enterprise software applications ranging from Document Management Systems, School/College Management Information Systems, Sacco Management Systems, Intranet/Collaboration systems, and any other unique custom-made information system that may be needed.

The following is a summary of the overall objectives of the BULK SMS SOLUTION
 To provide a shareable and searchable MESSAGING SOLUTION in order to facilitate easy distribution, sharing and dissemination of information, news, alerts and announcements.
 To provide a simple and cost effective platform for the association administration to communicate either with all the members or a specific chosen segment.
 To provide a platform for members to air their views/suggestions regarding specific topics as defined by the association administration.
 To provide a solution that is adaptable, scalable and evolving according to the changes in the associations policies and operating environment.
 To speed up the communication processes and cut the costs associated with the manual systems and any loss of member goodwill resulting from them.
 To track and update members progress from administration.
 To provide user friendly solution that will simplify digital storage and dissemination of information.

The system is intended to integrate and automate the communication and interactions between the Association administration and the Members using SMS facility. It can be used as a one way communication medium or two way communication. This system is accessible via both the SMS interface and a web interface. SMS interface will be accessible to both administration and students while the web interface will be available to specific administrative users defined by the institution. Although our system comes complete with all the general functionalities and best practices expected for a Bulk Messaging Solution we always expect customization requests from the part of the client and we do not take anything for granted.


Demo: http://vimeo.com/zeguru/workmatehr

For inquiries, improvements/customization, and Trouble shooting you can contact us via any of the following;

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