Another marketing lesson lawyers and accountants can learn from Gordon Ramsay


In August we tackled one of the most recognisable BD reference sources for lawyers and accountants – Gordon Ramsay.  Having watched last night’s Ramsay’s Costa del Nightmares, it looks like the latrine-lipped cook is the gift that keeps on giving as he served up (apologies) yet another marketing masterclass.

Whilst trying to help out Quelcutti’s restaurant on the Costa Blanca (you guessed it – usual model – swear a lot, fall out with the main man, batter him into submission, pare down the menu et voila, success) Chef Ramsay delivered a key missive for all of those accountancy practices and law firms whose aim is to get better work rather than more work.

One of the changes rung was the introduction of a range of more expensive local wines to compliment the restaurant’s new regional tapas-style menu.  The new wine was met with approval across the board, particularly by…

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