WorkmateHR- Human Resource and Payroll Management System



WorkmateHR is a State of the Art Human Resource and Payroll Management system that is designed to provide management and tracking of the entire value chain of a Human Capital in your organization in order to increase the overall efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Instead of visiting the HR/Accounts departments for payslips, leave applications, salary advance applications among others, employees will be able to access the same from the comfort of their desktops or tablets and phones. Likewise, employers need not ask employees about their current contacts, skills, educational background and so on.

With WorkmateHR organizations will be able to track and leverage the human resources from Recruitment (Applications, Interview(s) to eventual Contract Signing), Scheduling and Benefit management. Performance (trends and bottlenecks) in projects will also be exposed.


General Features

  • Web-based Employee Self-Service portal
  • Configurable role-based access
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • Dashboards with excellent reports and charts
  • Data is readily exportable to Excel, PDF, Word and CSV
  • Accessible by all devices; PC, laptop, tablet, Smartphone, via a web browser
  • Supports multiple branches and departments for a single client (with data isolation)
  • Client Server and Multi-user with concurrent access
  • Customizable reports
  • Supports employee photos in all formats
  • Available on-premise or in the Cloud

Fig 1.0 Sample Screenshot

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This system is mature, stable and is in active development with regular release of updates.

HR Features

  1. Job Applications and Intake process
  2. Staff/Applicant details including photos, education, employment and skill history
  3. Permanent, Casual/Contractual Staff and Interns accommodated
  4. Job Reviews and Appraisal Reporting
  5. Arbitration of staff matters and grievances
  6. Online employee leave application and Management
  7. Automated CV generation
  8. Keep track of Trainings and Seminars
  9. Customizable and configurable workflow engine

Plus any additional features requested by the client

Payroll Features

  1. Employee self-service portal (for payslip access and salary advance application)
  2. Monthly payroll generation
  3. Payroll adjustments
  4. Salary advances and Statutory deductions
  5. Staff Loans
  6. Statutory Reports (KRA, NSSF, NHIF)
  7. Banking and Reconciliation (optional)


  1. Web based access allows easy access with no configuration on the client side.
  2. Self-service facility increases the system visibility and ownership by system users(employees).
  3. Dashboard layout allows the user to work with fewer mouse clicks. This is because we have multiple views/items on a single page.
  4. The application logic and reports are customizable and extensible according to user requirements.


  1. This system is not a one-size-fits all. It is modified to fit each individual client’s requirements during implementation.
  2. No license costs for the software and database. The system belongs to the client after project completion.

This system imposes no limits on number of users, number of machines or data captured.

Projects Module (optional)

Time-sheets and Attendance (for Projects)

  1. Project costing and scheduling
  2. Project work breakdown and assignments
  3. Project costing and resource management

Other possible integrations/extensions include

  1. Document/Records Management
  2. SMS interface for news and announcements
  3. Email alerts for workflow tasks (following the BPMN 2.0 standard)



For inquiries, improvements/customization, and Trouble shooting you can contact us via any of the following;


Cell No. (+254) 720 860 034, (+254) 725 223 789