Misfit Launches An SDK For Its Sleep And Activity Tracking, Including Shine Enterprise Partners


Activity tracking and wellness startup Misfit continues to diversify its operation away from being a straightforward hardware play, with a new software development kit announced today. The Misfit Developer Toolkit lets third-party devs incorporate activity and sleep tracking abilities using Misfit’s data intelligence and Shine hardware. At launch, some 30+ partners are working with Misfit’s SDK, including RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, IFTTT and more.

Perhaps more interesting is that Misfit is also working with corporate partners, on programs designed to improve corporate wellness. This is how it’s working together with Coca-Cola, for instance, but it’s also working on customer-focused health programs with corporate partners, like Walgreens, which is letting users earn Balance Rewards loyalty points for recording exercise with the Misfit Shine.

Misfit’s SDK is multipart, and allows third-party apps to partner with the company in one of three ways: First, they can access existing Misfit stored activity data through the cloud; second…

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