Google has a growth plan based on kids, report says


Children under the age of 13 are a massive and relatively untapped market for internet companies due to federal privacy laws, but now Google is ready to risk those treacherous legal waters in order to sign them up.

According to the Information (subscription required), Google is preparing features like a kid-safe version of YouTube and a parental dashboard in order to attract more kids onto its sprawling web platform, which also includes products like Gmail and Chrome.

Such moves by [company]Google[/company] would echo similar initiatives by [company]Facebook[/company], which has reportedly been experimenting with “under-13 features” since at least 2012.

For the internet giants, signing up the under-13 crowd is a big opportunity, in part because millions of young people reportedly use their services under false credentials already. And given their growing role as authentication and identity platforms, it makes strategic sense for Google and Facebook to get their hooks into young users early — something that…

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