In The Name Of Saving The Forest

The Geek Unchained


It is said explore the world and discover its beauty, indeed I can bear witness to this statement. The day is the First of August, a bright sunny day full of optimism and hope, chirping of birds and chattering of monkeys fill the crispy clean air. The walk commences at around 10:00 am, this is after we had collected about a dozen community members and three forest guards.

We marched in to the forest in a single file, heeding to the warning of being silent as we were in a kind of covert operation with our mission being to identify and dismantle as many snares as possible plus catch any perpetrator caught in the act.

We began by following a small path and in a matter of minutes as if the universe was shining a light of hope we discovered shoes beside the footpath and immediately we knew that someoneā€¦

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