Students’ Virtual Salvage Project Could Save a Sinking Ship

Drexel News Blog

Ever wondered what it would have been like to take a tour of the Titanic before its disastrous maiden voyage?

While the demise of the legendary ship has long been a tragic allegory, its ocean-liner kin, the SS United States has been sinking in its own slow and painful way for almost two decades. Docked on Pier 82 along Columbus Boulevard. in Philadelphia, it’s now rusty splendor is anchored for all to see as they traverse south Philadelphia en route to the ballparks, or the nearby shopping plaza. But a number of Drexel digital media students are working on a way to help people see it in a different light: its original glory.

The team has undertaken the challenge of digitally reassembling what economics and the environment have steadily divested from the 990-foot, seven-story nautical titan since it was decommissioned in 1969. Their goal?…Produce an interactive, three-dimensional digital model of…

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