Creating a Bird

Emma C McCormick

  • box
  • 3 smooth
  • extrude out wings-fix shape
  • cut in half
  • design one half until happy with shape
  • duplicate and add together
  • make sure basic shape is good before making changes
  • add edge loops to help shapes
  • eg eyebrows, cheeks etc
  • if you can get it looking nice when its boxy it will look lovely when smooth.

smoothness is key 

merge verteces

threshold bring up to 5

it helps to draw out bird before modelling.




  • move vertices for face eg, cheeks etc
  • rotate to get shape
  • when brought back into smoother shape shape will look much better
  • fix harsh angles so that it ‘flows’ better
  • camera can go off axis alot, hit F
  • F means frame
  • beak can be added in or just added to model
  • look at references eg penguin from Wallace and Gromit, and happy feet
  • home2tumblr_static_feathersmcgraw
  • try extruding faces for beak
  • always check there are no faces inside a…

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