Dynamic development youth forum is situated at Kariakor village Voi district, Taita Taveta County, It’s a non-partisan and non-political forum registered under the ministry of gender children and social development. It’s composed of youths from different tribes and religion and denomination, both Christians and Muslims –who are all likeminded and possess different skills and ideas who have volunteered to serve the community to the fullest.


a) To promote development to the community by introducing development projects as well as improve living standards to the youths.

b) To help environmental conservation by volunteering and participating in environmental related activities e.g. tree planting

c) To promote and enhance economic well-being of the youth through training, education and assisted initiated of economic activities.

d) To create awareness of HIV/AIDs, Malaria and other diseases through training, seminars, visiting the diseased as well as distribution of condoms.

e) To partner with other organization, institutions and individuals in conducting activities, survey and any community related activities.

f) To provide voluntary services to the community

g) Offering guiding and counseling services to community related issues/matters.

h) Promote peace and cohesion among communities.

i) To promote open youth-youth communication.

j) To enhance leadership development among young people.

k) Promotion of multi-ethical/multicultural bridge building.

l) To help and encourage the girls to become responsible, self-reliant and useful women of this and the future generation.


To engage and develop diverse young people to positively impact the world.


To help the youth gain leadership skills and send a positive message to youth throughout the world/community and initiate development projects


Unity, Development, success.


PRAYERS – This will give members power to conquer or resist challenges and all that opposes general empowerment.
HARD-WORK – Enables members achieve the best and the better for the youth and community in general.
HONESTY – This will create a room for co-operation, co-ordination and development.
JUSTICE – This will encourage the independence of the entire responsible member as per hi/her jurisdiction and responsibility.
LOVE – This will encourage unit and togetherness among members
TRANSPARENCY – This will encourage smooth operation of activities within and outside the centre
COMMITMENT – This will encourage prosperity and development
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