1001 Previews: Aderyn’s Cradle


Update at 07:03, 05 February 2014:

We’ve received word that Mojo Game Studios have changed the name of their title to ‘Aderyn’s Cradle’, out of respect for Flying Cafe’sCradle. Doesn’t make their project any less stunning or any less worthy of your Kickstarter backing!

Original story at 06:00, 05 February 2014:

I tend to keep an eye on Kickstarter fairly regularly but for the past couple of months there hasn’t been anything that’s really caught my eye. That was until we received an email from Mojo Game Studios about their project for open-world adventure Cradle.

Title - Cradle

I’m not going to lie: I was forced to watch the promotional video for Cradle without sound originally because I was on a train at the time, and I didn’t even wait until the end before backing Mojo’s campaign. As soon as I saw the opening scenes, travelling through a forest…

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