Twitter IPO: Tracking the price


1:15 PT: And that’s a wrap!  Twitter’s public stock has closed at a price of $44.90 — $0.20 lower than its opening price. It caps off a pretty rocky day for the stock, which ballooned as high as $50 before decreasing again. Still, Forbes reports that the 72% increase of  Twitter’s initial stock price of $26 means that a user on the microblogging network is worth roughly $110, compared to a Facebook user’s $98. High hopes for the company’s potential have certainly shown clearly today on the trading floor.

12:35 PT: Share price has yet again come off of the $48 dollar-mark, dipping back to $46.22. While Twitter keeps riding the ups and downs of a volatile stock debut, USA Today confirms what has already been speculated: almost all other social network IPOs are down today. In addition to Facebook and Linkedin, Groupon and Yelp have also seen price drops today…

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