A networking news frenzy ahead of Cisco’s Insieme launch


The networking world is in a frenzy ahead of Cisco’s Insieme launch on Wednesday. Insieme represents the networking giant’s response to the threat of commodity white-box hardware and software-defined networking that has been the talk of the industry for the last three years.

The news in the last week is partially the industry’s players making their positions clear ahead of the launch Wednesday of Cisco’s Insieme platform. You can view this news like the bustle of a regional office ahead of a major visit by the CEO. Such visits make waves in the status quo, and for all intents and purposes, Cisco is the CEO of the networking world — with a huge install base, thousands of engineers and its own software-defined networking standards group.

On Monday, Arista Networks announced a series of products that are more about the company’s software than its networking gear. Meanwhile, last week…

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