Beyond RoboCop: Peacekeeping with Jamie Martin’s CRAB

Some Science

In honor of the recently released film GRAVITY, I am re-posting my interview with Jamie Martin. Martin lent his talents to the crew as a 3D concept designer. “what’s that?” – read on and see!

Comic book superheroes were traditionally an advanced race of humanoid crime fighters who made futuristic cool. Now that we’re in the very same futuristic wonderland comics predicted, drawing and coloring are rarely done by hand any more. It only makes sense that the art of design itself had to change to keep up. Can we expect that our superheroes have evolved in much the same way as the art which created them? We say “yes” after checking out the work of Jamie Martin, 3D computer generated artist and designer. Jamie has satisfied our lust for super crime-fighters and high technology by designing a cop-bot which takes Robocop to a new level–sea level.

Jamie took…

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