no, never him – no, lui mai – nu, niciodată el

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


Sand or waters
Are gathering in swirls to bury the memory of mirrors
A man was young the second, third time
Milking the white triumph out of the same errors…
Waters dilluted with new waters form old waters gave him the courage of prayer
To be young for a last time at least – eyes bound, arms and legs tied
Only his nostrils, leave them open…
The errors are holding their triumphal parade, the mirrors are lying when the eye
is looking for something else
I covered the accursed piece of glass with a piece of flesh
I was that man, I was young, the sand is ageless, the waters are not
And it is only in the wine that I am somebody else, am I not?… I am….
From the cover bubbles up a day like reproach, not a year, not a decade but

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