Saudi woman makes film

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This video is called Wadjda Offical Trailer (2013) – Haifaa Al Mansour.

By Jeff Sawtell in Britain:

Wadjda (PG)

Thursday 18 July 2013

Directed by Haifaa al-Mansour

After a week of woeful weather and farcical films my faith in cinema as an art form was restored by Wadjda.

Like Kes, it features a child who’s determined to struggle to survive a system designed to deny those that ask questions and have ambition.

Ken Loach‘s classic of the ’60s features a boy who wants to raise a kestrel. Wadjda is a girl who wants a bike.

The difference being that the story of Wadjda was conjured up in the feudal patriarchy that is Saudi Arabia, where freedom is a foreign concept.

In that country no feature films are produced, there are no cinemas and films are banned although they’re obviously available illegally.

What makes Wadjda…

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