Apple, Amazon stop fighting over who gets to use “App Store” name


More than two years after Apple(s AAPL) sued Amazon(s AMZN) for calling its online application marketplace the Amazon Appstore, the two companies have called a legal truce. On Tuesday, the case was dismissed at the companies’ request by a U.S. District Court judge, according to Reuters.

The original suit was filed in 2011, when Apple got territorial over its App Store, unveiled five years ago this week in 2008. Amazon chose to call its mobile app marketplace the Amazon Appstore for Android. Apple was trying to trademark the name at the time and argued that “app store” was not generic and Amazon’s name would confuse potential customers. Amazon disagreed, pointing out that “app” is a common phrase, and that Steve Jobs himself had used “app store” generically in the past.

Apple’s suit appeared at a time when the App Store and the iPhone were still dominant in the mobile…

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