Sorry Sony, I expected more from the new SmartWatch 2


As expected, Sony(s sne) launched a new smartwatch on Tuesday at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai. The SmartWatch 2 is a follow-up to the company’s Live View series of watches that appeared in the past few years. Like its predecessors, SmartWatch 2 acts as a second screen for Android(s goog) phones but adds NFC, or near-field communications wireless technology, for easy pairing of the watch with a handset. Oh, and it tells the time, too.

Sony SmartWatch 2 trio

That last bit sounds obvious of course, but Sony is touting the SmartWatch 2 not just as a second screen. The device has “standalone capabilities” as well, which, when I read that, got me excited. Then, I noted what these functions are:

“When not connected to your phone, SmartWatch 2 works as a standalone digital watch. Read previously received notifications, access the time, set your alarm or even use as a light when searching…

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