E3 funniness


The Electronic Entertainment Expo is over but the fun doesn’t have to stop. The following videos and images should provide both an overview of the hottest topics of E3 2013 and some mild chuckling – unless you find yourself in tears with laughter of course.

e3 pic

Console announcements – abridged versions:

To begin with, we have a few videos from the guys over at VideoGamer.com that provide humourous, abridged versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reveal events held before E3.

My favourite is of the abridged Xbox One announcement event, the Skype call while watching a film had me in stitches:

Then we have the same but for the PlayStation 4 announcement. I particularly like the dig at the name of the new Capcom game engine Panta Rhei along with the Take That impression:

E3 conferences – abridged versions:

Now we move onto the videos for E3 itself…

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