Windows Stores Inside Best Buy | From Showrooming To Flea Market

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Not long ago, Samsung announced–and executed on–a plan to create Samsung Experience areas within Best Buy stores. Unlike the existing Apple sections, these would be larger and would have their own dedicated staff. It seems Microsoft is taking a page from their book. Now before I proceed with the details, this comes at a time where the concept of showrooming has been talked about quite a bit. Survey data shows that Best Buy has become a test ground (hands on demoing) for consumers before returning home to get a better price online. Apples prices are fairly consistent, but the likes of Samsung and Microsoft open them up to the same issues as any other wares offered at BB.

Microsoft and Best Buy on Thursday announced a strategic partnership that will see Microsoft creating Windows Stores inside more than 600 Best Buy locations in North America. These stores-within-a-store will occupy between 1,500…

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