Life Is Like A Walking Safari

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The cover art of your book is from one of the sixteen travel essays included in the collection called “My Lucky Safari.” When and where was this photo taken and, uh, what’s going on here?

September 2009 in the desolate Selous region of Tanzania. I had absolutely no idea I was flying off to the second-most remote place on Earth next to Siberia so, hence, the dress. And, it was all because of this guy. Early one morning I asked Kumbi if I could give his spear a toss and then suddenly our entire party was chucking spikes into the riverbed. You have to aim high, I learned.

So, the title of your book, what does that mean exactly?

The line’s from the same African essay where I reflect, “Maybe life is like a walking safari. If you venture out expecting lions and leopards all the time, you’ll almost always…

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