Pebble being shipped to consumers.


The first Pebble smart watches is now finally sent out to those customers who have pre-ordered the popular clock.

There haven’t been much talk about the Bluetooth clock Pebble, since the people behind told the press at a January press conference at the CES Show in Las Vegas, that the clock was ready to be sent out to those who have supported the project financially through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

But now there is finally news from Allerta who has just sent an email out to interested customers. Here they say that the first batch of watches are now being sent out to those customers who have pre-ordered on the website. In the order, pre-orders are received, customers will shortly receive an email in which they must confirm their booking.

– Good news! We have started sending Pebble pre-orders out. We expect that it will take several months over the summer, before…

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