Xbox At E3 2013

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Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement last month left something off the list: video games. Yes, Microsoft was very clear that the Xbox One would dominate and absorb every facet of your living room and your entire entertainment lifestyle. But
it wasn’t clear about “Halos.” Well, there’s a Halo TV show, but in our prior experience Halo was a video game, and based on unconfirmed reports, the Xbox One was a video game console.
E3 was Microsoft’s chance to correct that oversight, and boy oh boy did they ever. Outside of a few quick respites to talk about some new overall Xbox functionality, the press conference today in Los Angeles was a nonstop onslaught of games, games, games.
The elephant in the room was the outrage over Microsoft’s online check-in and used game policies, which it clarified last week. The big stage
at E3 might not be the most comfortable place to…

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