Why God Still Works Through Poor Preaching

Biblical Preaching

Last time we noted how Paul preached Christ and Him crucified.  Paul understood that people are fully subject to their heart-level desires.  They will only ever “choose” what they want to choose, but cannot choose what it is they want.  The heart is the issue and the gospel preached must offer a love so compelling that people will be drawn out of the deathly prison of their self-love.

However, a lot of preaching looks like this:


The preacher feels the need to twist the arm and will of the listener into conformity to some set of Christian values.  After all, if only people and society were more responsible, then we’d be in a better place!  The emphasis on duty and morality and law all add up to a big dose of pressure.  If you’ve really tasted of the gospel, this has a very empty feel to it.  Yet many of…

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