Toilet Tales of the Unexpected


Tenandahalf have been banging on about the client experience and the part it plays in marketing law firms and accountants for years. It is not wooly, touchy-feely nonsense, it’s already a key driver in client management/development (i.e. selling more stuff by cross-selling, up-selling and generating valuable easy-to-convert referrals).

It’s also a key factor in helping visitors decide whether they want to instruct you as their advisors.

Get it right and you will make more money with minimal effort.

Get it wrong and it’ll soon hit you where it hurts, your bottom line.

The following isn’t a fable or a parable. Nor is it exaggerated for effect. It happened and if I had been a prospective client (which I could well have been) I would have walked out without even having my meeting.

Having driven a few hours to get to the law firm in question, I needed the loo. I…

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