“Osofo Maame” by Jesse Jojo Johnson.

Flash Fiction From GHANA

Ebenezer always had a strong dislike for charismatic pastors, and now with good reason. He had come to Tech, from his quiet life in East Legon. There, the culture shock had been spiritual; right out of this world. What he thought was a simple Church, where one went for a formulaic mass, sang, chanted, sat, knelt to pray and listened to long announcements as the Sunday morning norm, transformed into a mini rock concert interspersed with sermons and “Sumsum” sessions. Every morning begun with an “Arise unto prayer!”, at every service, someone will scream and fall during the prayers, and every weekend had its own this-that fest, or christo-[insert contrived name] convention.

The charismatic types he found curious, but mostly avoided. Until he did what most young men do when they stay away from home for the first time: he met her.

Akua was slightly plump, endowed in spirit…

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